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Loft Conversions

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Loft conversions have become very popular over the years. They provide almost all the benefits of a bigger house at an extremely lower price than the alternative methods including extension or moving. Another reason for their popularity is that in most cases they fall under permitted development rights and don’t require planning permission.

However, you must know that although they don’t require planning permission, still you have to get safety approval for your conversion from the local building department by submitting plans and specifications of your construction. You will need to hire a loft conversions specialist in Wandsworth to provide you with the drawings that you will need for approval.

Loft Conversions Buckinghamshire was founded thirteen years ago and has been providing expert engineering services in the field ever since. You can hire us with a phone call and we will provide our complete services from an innovative, modern design to the construction of your Loft Conversions Wandsworth. We have employed a highly competent team of architects, engineers and interior designers who are committed to providing unparalleled services to our clients.

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Benefits of a Loft Conversion:

Provides Extra Space

This is an obvious benefit of a loft conversion. It increases the available space considerably without changing the footprint of the house. In some conversions, like L-shaped dormer conversion, you can even add two new bedrooms to your house.

Less Hectic

If you are simply looking to add one or two extra rooms to your house, a loft conversion can be the perfect solution for you. You can upgrade your living space without going through the hectic and nerve-wracking experience of relocation.

Saves a lot of Money

Buying a new house and then moving into it does not come cheap. Converting your loft for extra space will cost you incredibly lesser than buying a new house.

Increases Property Value

Adding extra space to your house will increase the value of your property significantly and give you a good return on investment when the time comes. If you have added a bedroom along with a bathroom through your conversion, you can expect more than a 20% increase in the value of your property.

Loft Conversion Cost Sheffield

It is not possible to estimate the exact cost of the loft conversion without determining the type and size of the conversion. You will also need to take into account materials for the construction and the finishing of the project.

However, below are the average costs that you can expect to spend on your loft conversion before starting the project:

  • A simple roof light conversion will cost you somewhere around £20,000.
  • You can expect to spend £50,000 on a dormer loft conversion.
  • A hip-to-gable loft conversion can cost around £62,000.
  • A mansard loft conversion can take up to £67,000.

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Loft Conversion Services in Wandsworth: Our Salient Features

Our Vast Experience

Loft Conversion Buckinghamshire has been providing premium services for the past 13 years. We, through our vast experience, have become highly respected and renowned loft conversion contractors in Wandsworth.

Our Team of Professionals

We started our services with a team of a single person, but today we have more than 15 highly skilled and professional personnel on our team. They are fully capable of efficiently designing and building any kind of loft conversion.


A construction project requires hard and fast safety regulations to be followed because of heavy machinery and debris on the site. Our team is trained to maintain and follow all the safety regulations to prevent any untoward occurrence on site.

Award-Winning Company

We aim to provide top-quality services to all of our customers. Our team undertakes every project professionally and delivers a masterpiece in the end. That is why Loft Conversions Buckinghamshire has won three highly prestigious awards for maintaining standards throughout the years.

Other Services

Loft Conversion Buckinghamshire provides multiple services apart from loft conversions in Wandsworth:

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