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Loft Conversions Milton Keynes

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So, you want to convert your loft into a usable space? Can it be converted? What rooms can be built in your loft? How much will it cost? As experts in loft conversions in Milton Keynes, we will answer all these questions.

We have been serving several regions of the United Kingdom for years and have a complete in-house team of experts in various fields. You can expect your loft conversions to be free from stress and hassle, and within your budget. Our professionals will guide you through all that you can do with your loft and provide you with the best plan that maximises your space.

Loft conversions may require planning permission and approval from the building control department, but you don’t have to worry about any of that when you hire our professional loft conversion team.

Loft Conversions Milton Keynes

Tailored Loft Conversions

Our loft conversion services in Milton Keynes can be tailored to meet your space requirements and budget. The four most common loft conversions are:

  • Velux or Roof Light Loft Conversion
  • Dormer Loft Conversion
  • Hip-to-Gable Conversion
  • Mansard Conversion

Each type of conversion has its benefits and cost. Some types of conversion are suitable for only specific property types. Our loft conversions specialist will assess your existing property structure to recommend the most suitable types of conversions for your home. Our in-house team of experts includes structural engineers, architects, interior designers, and technicians from several other fields. The idea is to render all the required services under one roof.

Basic Features of Velux or Rooflight Conversion

  • The most common, simplest and cheapest of all conversions.
  • Does not require planning permission approval unless you live in a conservation area or a listed building.
  • Involves minimum alterations to your existing infrastructure.
  • Includes addition of roof light windows.
  • Requires a certain headroom space to convert.
  • Build time is the shortest among all other conversions.

Basic Features of Dormer Conversions

  • Different types of dormer conversions include flat roof, L-shaped, gable-fronted, hipped roof, and shed dormer.
  • They typically do not require planning permission approval.
  • Dormer conversions can create considerable additional space.
  • They can add considerable aesthetic and estate value to your property.
  • The cost of dormer loft conversion in Milton Keynes depends on the type of dormer conversion.

Basic Features of the Hip-to-Gable Conversion

  • Suitable for properties which have a hipped roof.
  • It involves altering the roof by extending it vertically and creating a gable end, resulting in the addition of headroom and space.
  • Velux or dormer windows are often added.
  • Requires installation/alteration of a staircase, utilities, insulation, etc.
  • Cost can vary and is subject to the required alterations.
  • It may or may not require planning permission approval.
  • Enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home and creates considerable space.

Basic Features of Mansard Conversions

Our expert loft conversion contractors in Milton Keynes also provide mansard conversions which have the following features:

  • More complicated and highly technical loft conversions.
  • Create an entirely different look for your home by enhancing the aesthetics of your property.
  • More costly than all the other conversions.
  • Usually require planning permission approval.
  • Involve altering the roof shape, making it look almost vertical.
  • New windows and staircase are added; utilities, insulation, and several other activities are carried out.
  • Provide considerable additional space.

Building Regulations and Loft Conversions

All loft conversions may not need planning permission approval, but they must comply with building regulations. These regulations cover nearly all aspects of construction, including fire safety, ventilation, insulation, plumbing, electrical installations, exterior structures, and much more.

Our architects will prepare your technical drawings and submit them to the local council and the building control department to ensure that you receive planning permission (if applicable) and comply with all the building codes to receive your building completion certificate. We not only offer loft conversions in Milton Keynes but also complete all the requirements and formalities concerning these conversions so that our customers do not feel burdened.

Five Reasons to Choose Us

  • We provide all types of loft conversions. You name it, we’ll build it.
  • We offer the services of an expert team of technicians from all relevant fields.
  • Our technicians are highly experienced and qualified.
  • We offer highly competitive rates compared to the market.
  • We save you the hassle of planning permission approval and building regulations procedure.